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Treasured Acorn

Reiki Treatments with Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Becky Frinneby-Wake


Reiki Treatments


A session is carried out with you either laying down or seated in a peaceful environment. It is gentle and there is no need to remove any clothing. I will place my hands gently in a series of positions either on or over your body. Your own body will draw as much reiki as it needs at the present time.

I offer a free telephone consultation. I offer treatments in person (£50) or by distance (£40)

Young People 


I feel teaching how to live life with the Reiki Precepts as a basis will help young people to feel secure, calm and able to manage their emotions, whatever life throws at them. I offer a variety of workshops, including strategies to be successful and calm during exams, mindfulness and finding peace with animals. 



Coming soon! Details will be available 

Animal Reiki


I am passionate about offering reiki to animals. I have trained with Kathleen Prasad in the 'Let Animals Lead' method of Animal Reiki. This is a respectful and gentle approach with can help even the most sensitive or troubled animals. Sessions will usually be offered in the animals own familiar environment where they feel safe. Generally animals are more sensitive to energy than humans, and they will chose where they would like to receive reiki and for how long. Other human and animal family members can be invited to join the reiki space.

I offer a free telephone consultation. I offer treatments in person (£50) or by distance (£40)

I also offer a variety to workshops, including Animal Reiki Code of Ethics, Reiki for Dogs, Reiki for Equines. From September 2019 I will be teaching Animal Reiki.